The Once & Future Realms



Having arrived in Settlestone and checked in with the Rockseekers the group is given some free time to do with as they please while Gundren arranges the meeting with Sage Barrleborn.

Grace and Xarath spend time carousing and looking for info and contacts. They hear tell that Luskan has grown more organized of late, someone is imposing order on the hive of scum and villainy and making trade much safer.

Xarath spends his coins and time and charms and finds an agreeable madam to keep an ear open and provide him with information that she may hear from Luskan. The price is… negotiable, but she seems willing enough.

Amber spends her time drinking and playing various drinking games with the locals.

Late the second evening the party is spending it;s time carousing, just after a fruitful session of… “pulling”… Xarath receives an odd visitor. A young dwarf, dressed in plain cloths awaits outside his door, introducing himself as Flintshield he inquires with Xarath as to why he wants to know about a dead clan (Melairkyn). The dwarf is cagey as to exactly what he wants, but is rather obviously not solely what he appears. His gaze picks out Xarath’s magic items, and his eyes have an… “Age”… to them that doesn’t fit the face. Flintshield also makes it clear he is aware of their interest in Doppelgangers, and their meeting with Barrleborn. He offers a vague deal, backed with little except a promise that he would be able to provide Xaarth with help with his manacle in exchange for not giving Barrleborn what she wants. He says that he is dangerous, but that so is she, but that she will hide being a benign face. In the end he teleport away laving Xarath to consider what he wants to do.

The meeting with Sage Barrleborn doesn’t go quite like she thought… the party is jovial and interrupts her (I as Gm was totally failing to control this scene… :P )… in the end she tells them she wants inks from the Temple of Savras in exchange for helping them to construct their lens of doppelganger detection. These inks were used, and can be still sued, to create copies of books, which she says will be of aid to her in her research. The’s a little obtuse about this, but not in a way that the party can really pin down. In the end they agree to her terms and the Rockseekers agree to fund this expedition.

another day passes as the Rockseekers get the needed equipment together. In this time Amber uses her drinking skills to try and buddy up to folk in the deep halls of Mithril Hall to see what they may know of Battleborn. Which… isn’t a lot. She is from the south, and while she has been in town for years, her attitudes have changes “recently”. How recently? “I don’t know the past half year?” This doesn’t really match up with the doppelganger timeline, but it’s kind of vague so… Shrug!

The party sets out on it’s journey into the mountains, about 8 days pass before they arrive at their destination. during this time the trip is largely uneventful… though as they get closer the night watch does start to see flickers of light in the distance indicating there may be some sort of activity ahead…

Arriving at the temple, they find a structure carved into the side of a mountain pass. Worn by time, there are no outward signs of habitation, no footprints mark the ground, debris liters the area before the door… the door itself is wooden, solid looking tough not terribly impressive. Two circles of copper are inlaid into the ground, about 10 feet to each side of the door. A brass plate is bolted to the center of the door, at first glace it’s carvings are illegible but in a blink suddenly they are understood “Speak the truth of your purpose so that it may be judged” appears in Orc, or Dwarf, or draconic, depending on the viewer it would seem… Grace, being the straight forward paladin states their purpose (in a away I wish I could recall exactly because it was perfect in it’s combination of truthfulness but also in phrasing it extremely positively with no allusions to the fact they are here to loot the temple)… this seems to satisfy the magic of the door and the copper circles erupt with light, and the plate now reads “Enter and seek your fate”… the party enters and find themselves in an old stone room. The room is plain stone, empty aside from dust and the two sets of crystal plate armor that flank the door to the outside. Two other doors lead from the room… at first they seem to be plain wooden doors, of a sort you would find in any structure…


We seek the Light of Truth so that we may reveal the true forms of our foes!

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