The Once & Future Realms

Post the first, session the first
In which I summarize...

Starting in the city of Neverwinter the group is hire for the princely sum of 10gps a piece to guard a wagon of goods heading for the town of Phandalin. Their employer, a dwarf by the name of Gundren Rockseeker, needs to head out immediately to make some early arrangements and tasks the party to ensure the delivery of the goods to Barthen’s Provisions.

The next day they set out along the High Road, traveling south for a little more than 2 days, then west along the Triboar Trail. It is along this trail they come upon signs of a battle. Two dead horses lie off the side of the road, their placement suspiciously conspicuous. Suspecting a trap the halfling, Thadius Longbranch, sneaks out of the wagon as the party steers clear of the dead horses in an effort to avoid whatever trap may lie in wait.

True to form, a band of goblins pops out of the bushes, their ambush not as effective as they’d have liked due to the party not cooperating. All four goblins are made to expire, and the party is slightly wounded and their resources taxed. Searching the area they find a map case they think belonged to their employer, and decide to investigate the goblin’s trail, thinking that he may be in danger.

Hiding the wagon they set off along the trail, bypassing the traps laid along it by the goblins and they find what seems to be the goblin hide out… a cave nestled in a valley…

Post two, session two

Sneaking and exploring the valley, 2 lazy goblin guards later and into the caves… wolf fight… down goes Kay… up jumps Kay.. down go the wolves and on presses the party.

More cave exploring, goblin ponds, a dead goblin, a fight with King Klarg, the demise of Kay and Klarg. Looting.

600cps, 110sps, 2 clay pots filled with liquids, branded with the dwarven symbol for healing, a small jade frog statue with golden eyes, numerous boxes of supplies with a blue-lion symbol on them. The supplies are in various states of wholeness.

Session the third
hopped up on goofballs

Mirtul the 15th, 1489 Dale Reckoning (i.e. May 15th)

Late afternoon the party arrives in Phandalvar with their rescuee Sildar Hallwinter. Sildart indicates he will make arrangements for their rooms while the party drops off the wagon and it’s contents, and he heads on to the Stonehill Inn.

At Barthen’s Provisions they meet their contact, drop off the goods, and discover that the town is experiencing it’s own issues. A group of things calling themselves the Redbrands have set up shop and are extorting money from the locals who haven’t the means to do anything about it. He’s a bit worried about starting any trouble, but would certainly appreciate them being run off. He also informs the party than Gundren’s brothers are due back in town and he thinks they’d be interested in the news regarding his capture.

After leaving the provisioner’s shop the party heads to the inn, which is easy to find. They find that Sildar has arranged for their rooms, but has himself retired for the evening so isn’t available to speak with. Toblen Stonehill, the proprietor, a young jovial fellow who hails from Triboar. He provides the party with rooms, baths, food and wine… and in the aftermath of that dangerous undertaking the party discusses thier future. Ultiumatly they decide to stick around and wait for the brothers Rockseeker to arrive, and while here to look in to disrupting these Redbrand miscreants.

Mirtul the 16th, 1489 Dale Reckoning
Gathering in the dinning area the party eats breakfast and meets with Sildar. It’s at this point that he mentions his connections to the Lords’ Alliance. He is here to meet a wizard by the name of Iarno who is a fellow member of the alliance and had traveled here last fall to begin laying some of the ground work. They were interested in ensuring the Phandalin continues to grow, and Sildar feels that the Rockseeker’s mine will play a big roll in that.

He is disturbed by the news of the Redbrands, and encourages the party’s interest in rooting them out. He says he will handle any trouble with the townmaster, who the party fears may attempt to hinder them cleaning up the town. He also offers to cover the party’s rooms for the length of their investigation, as payment.

After a little asking around the party heads to the Alderleaf farm, home to one of the longest time residents in the town. Goodwife Alderleaf, a halfling of good manners and advanced age, treats the party to tea cookies and information regarding Iarno’s interest in the town’s history and the Rockseeker’s movements.

Leaving the farm house on thier way to check out the Sleeping Giant tavern, home base to the Redbrands from what they’ve heard, Drulani’s sharp elven senses detect a dangerous foe lurking along the side of the road… a poorly concealed halfling child lies in wait.

What could it want? What will it do? These questions next time…

InfoFACT summary!

  • The Redbrands showed up about 2 months ago and took up residence in the Sleeping Giant tavern. There’s at least a dozen of them, and then never travel alone.
  • Iarno went missing around the time the Redbrands showed up in town and started making trouble. He seemed to show interest less in the history of the town than in the comings and goings of the Rockseekers, and what interest he did show seemed to be directed at something in particular he wouldn’t reveal.
  • The townmaster, Harbin Webster, has turned a blind eye on the Redbrand’s doings and has caused some resentment in the town.
  • The Rockseeker brothers haven’t been to town to resupply for at least a tenday, and are due.
  • Phandalin used to be a larger prospering city, back when the dwarves controlled the mines in the Sword mountains. Those mines once housed a magical forge that had been created with assistance of human mages, however it was all lost when another group of mages led a large band of orcs to attack the dwarves and instead of allowing it to fall into orcish hands the mines were collapsed.
Session the 4th

Mirtul the 16th, 1489 Dale Reckoning continued
Xarath does some magic trickery to draw out the hidden halfling…
Enter Carp, halfing child and knower of things like where to find the secret entrance to the Redbrand’s hideout.

Diverted from the tavern base, the party decides to go check out the cave. Seeing no guards, they enter the cave and find was appears to be a natural cavern that has been expanded with obviously constructed hallways leading off. A 20’ deep ravine in the cave gives off both the scent of rotting flesh and a chill breeze.

After a few moments of exploring, seeing bodies and bodily remains in the ravine, a strange one eyes humanoid makes it’s presence known. Speaking directly to their minds, it gibbers about random things, little facts about the party as if it were riffling through their minds. After some negotiation the party discovers that it is a guard of this cavern, and the bandits party it in bodies… and that it is totally open to renegotiating it’s contract and allow the group to pass in exchange for the promise of delivering it bandit bodies to eat. (there is some indication this deal may be altered… further)

After this the party heads down a passage coming to an intersection with two doors…

Session the fifth

Mirtul the 16th, 1489 Dale Reckoning continued continued
Hearing noises indicating sleeping people through the left door the party sneaks in and surprises the trio of bugbears who called this room home. They are so completely surprised that they put up little resistance before the group kills them.

Leaving that scene behind they head to the other door, behind which they hear sounds of laughter and talking. The group barges in, quick talking the group of bandits inside long enough to get to the sole lantern providing light and destroying it. In the darkness the humans pose no threat and are quickly dispatched. One living bandit is tied up and questioned regarding the Red Brands and their leader.

Further into the complex they find a laboratory and an empty bedroom with signs of rapid exit. The party searches through the area and recovers letters and notes from larno"Glasstaff" Albrek indicating he is Glasstaff, and has gone rouge.

With a bit more exploration they find that Iarno has run through the complex to escape. They follow, killing the eyebeast, and finding a trail that leads up and out into the ruins. Setting a watch and taking times to rest at the ruins they see a group coming out of the town and heading towards to the ruins…

145 gp, 75 cp, 268 sp, 22 ep, a gold earring set with a tiny ruby (30 gp), eye patch made of black leather set with semiprecious stones (50 gp)
XP: 450

Session the 6th
A very weird session...

The party hides out in the ruins waiting to ambush the Red Brand reinforcements… a fireball, a near TPK, a lot of hide and seeking, a warlock the last left standing…

But on the plus side… 3rd level!

Session the 7th

The party holds up in the ruined catacombs beneath the ruined manor, taking a git of time to recover from the fight. Signs indicate that one Red Brand thug managed to drag himself down here and escape through the hidden door.

After their brief rest they decide to try and finish checking the catacombs. They encounter a trapped pit, which is defeated with warlock magic and half-orcish strength. Beyond a copper door, green with corrosion, they come upon an old burial chamber… inside 3 stone biers rest against the walls. Grace detects undead entities lurking in the room, and Xarath strides forward to unleash his tentacles of bashing. A brief fight ensues in which three skeletal guardians are dispatched.

Continuing on the find what appears to be a dungeon room, distracted by a pile of clothing Grace strides in to the room and is ambushed by two Red Brands lurking in the shadows just inside the room. Another fight ensues, Grace is sorely hurt, but the magical healing of Drulani and Amber restore her strength and the two guards are quickly dispatched. Inside 3 peasant types are locked into the cells at each end of the room.

This turns out to be what is left of the Dendrar family, Mirna and her two children Nars and Nilsa, having been abducted from their home 3 days prior. Grateful but battered and fearful they follow the party as it finsihes its search of the tunnels, finding what looks to be an armory as well as the secret doors that allowed Glasstaff to make his initial run.

Drulani opts to take the family home while Grace and Xarath interrogate Glasstaff. This turns out to be mildly violent and confusing, but he indicates that he is indeed Iarno and that he works for the Black Spider, a drow with interests in the Forge of Spells. The drow approached him not long after he arrived in town, and seeing opportunity for money and power he took the drow’s offer and became his eyes and hands in the town. He doesn’t know precisly where the drow is, but indicates he may be at Cragmaw castle, or Wave Echo Cave (the Rockseeker’s mine). In the end they decide to not kill him and to drag him back to town.

In dropping off the family Drulani notices a small commotion in the village square… this will be dealt with next session.

Session the 8th

Drulani arrives back at the ruins, explaining that there is some commotion going on in town (grayed out PCs have no initiative!) and that the woodcutter’s widow lent them their horse and cart.

They load up the cart with the armory weapons and their two captives then head into town. As they draw near they find a small group of people (Toblen the innkeeper, SIldar Hallwinter, Daran Edermath an elder half elven ex-adventurer who now owns an orchard in town, Harbin Wester the townmaster) arguing with a dwarf woman (Grista) in the doorway of the Sleeping Giant. The argument seems to be regarding her “Support” of the Redbrands.

The party’s arrival disrupts the argument, Sildar takes the prisoners and keeps them in the townhall. The party decides to rest for the day since they need to heal up and recover before they go off after the left over bandits who ran out of town. Additionally they note that there is a reward for hunting down some orcs in the vicinity of a local landmark called Wyverns Tor.

The next day Grace attends Sildar’s interrogation of Iarno. Nothing more is really learned. Their might be some residual magic on Iarno, but nothing is currently active on him.

After the interrogation the group heads off to try and track down the bandits. They travel east along the Triboar trail, pushing on through night to make up time on the bandits. They discover a group of men camped out the ruins of Conyberry. Drulani approaches in raccoon form and scouts out the area, she is seen but beyond having a rock thrown at her the men don’t become overly alarmed (it’s a raccoon in the wilderness… oh no!) so are surprised by the party’s later attack.

After looting the bodies they haul them out and take over the camp area. There are signs of the buildings being used for camps in the past (ashes, rebuilt roof, etc.). The next day the party heads out to check out Wyrven Tor. Arriving near the hill the party starts to investigate…

Session the 9th

The party assaults Wyrven Tor. WeaselLani sneaks up and sees a single guard outside the remnants of a ruined tower. The party decides to try and sneak attack. Lani ends up distracting the Orc (who sees it and, thinking its a weasel seems to want to hunt it), Xarath attempts to shoot him with a bow and hits a tree, alerting the orc. A battle starts, the lone guard quickly joined by two more orcs who hear his cry. The party takes care of those orcs and Grace attempts to get into the tower blocking the door. However, the interior doorway is also blocked by an ogre trying to get out… pushing thumping and such occurs. Two orcs inside go up to the roof and jump down since they can’t get out. In the end the party defeats the small warband.

After resting a bit and looking around the tower ruins the party finds a secret door that leads down into a small cave/catacomb that seems to be long undisturbed. In a small room roughly carved in the tunnels a decaying body lies on a stone bier, surrounded by 4 metal braziers and a circle of runes inscribed into the floor. Onto of the body lies a sword that looks to be in much better condition than the body or the rest of it’s closing.

After some investigation and experimentation the sword is dragged across the plane of the runes and the magic activates summoning two spined devils and blocking retreat from the room. Again the party ends victorious after a brief and violent encounter. They recover the sword, and Xarath recovers a small turquoise orb that functions as a Pearl of Power. The then decide to rest in the tower till the next morning before heading out.

Black Talon: Longsword +1, with a thought the bonded user can summon the sword to their hand from up to 10 feet away. However the blade requires a drop of blood every day to active it’s magical qualities.
The scabbard is engraved with silver scroll-work of elven design. The sword itself is crafted of what seems to be a silver-steel alloy and feels extremely light and easy to wield. It’s cross guard is in the shape of two talons reaching up. The words “Black Talon” is inscribed in elven upon the blade.

Session the 10th

The party returns to Phandalim, where they meet up with Sildar and report on their success. He greats this news with gratitude. They are rewarded 100gps for killing off the orcs of Wyvern Tor.

Sildar prosses to take Iarno to the city of Leilon, about 2 days to the South West. He asks the part to accompany them, offering them a 100gps as well as what boons he can convince the Lords Alliance to give them. They accept and head to town.

The two days travel goes uneventfully. In town the stay at the Resplendant Crab Inn (a moderately well off establishment). Sildar goes off to deliver Iarno and speak to the local lord, Lord Pelindar Filmarya. The group itself goes on a shopping trip (WOOO) and sells of their excess goods while resupplying on things they need.

Grace carouses, wins some money in a floating dice game and earns a bit of a reputation…

The next day sildar Informs them he’s reached an agreement to transport Iarno to Neverwinter along with a caravan and a few of the local lord’s men. He’s also arranged to hire a small group of men to accompany the party back to Phandalin and serve as the start of a local militia. HE also delivers a few boons from the lords alliance …

Oblivion_DwarvenWarhammer.png “Whispers in the Cavern”
Warhammer +1 of obviously dwarven make. Additionally it adds +2 to initiative rolls while the bearer is touching stone or earth.

41_wNRTAWmL._SX342_.jpg “Ignition Gauntles”
They allow the wearer to ignite their weapon in fire, dealing an extra 1d6 fire damage when striking. They must be charged once a day by plunging them into a fire, or red hot coals.

cloak.png “Cloak of Elven Kind”
A cloak of light leather, dyed with a green leaf pattern.

“War Wizard’s Wand +1”, A plain foot long rod of a dull black metal. It is diamond shaped (as opposed to rounded) and about a quarter inch thick on the thick axis, half that on the thinner. Despite this the rod is quite strong and dense, weighing nearly 1lb.


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