The Once & Future Realms

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Chapter 1: Phandalin and Wave Echo Cave
The game starts in Mirtul(May) 1498 Dale Reckoning
The party is gathered together via Gundren Rockseeker’s quest to find and reopen the mines located in Wave Echo Cave. While each member of the party has their own reasons for going along here, this is the unifying theme. This chapter ends after the party routes the Redbrands, captures Iarno (i.e. the Glass-staff), and kill the Blackspider. They loose one of the Rockseekers, but two of the cousins survive and decide to press on with their goals of reopening the mines.

Chapter 2: A left turn at Longsaddle
Sometime in Kythorn(June) 1498 Dale Reckoning the Rockseekers head out on a trip to Mithril Hall, the party accompanying them. This chapter is extremely loose in it’;s structure involving a number of semi-related incidents that flesh out a plot in the background involving an Aboleth and it’s Doppelganger servants plot to gain access to ancient dwarven magics.

Here the party helps a lizardfolk tribe rise up agaisnt it’s bullywug and human oppressors, mostly in an effort to get more information on what the Dopplegangers want. They also discover some loose connections to Luskan and the rebuilding Hosttower. This chapter wraps as the party steps through a portal into the mountains near Neverwinter, not all that far from where their journey began…

Chapter 3: A long strange trip
About a ten day into Kythorn (June) the party finds itself in the Crags, the mountain range that is home to Mount Hotenow as well as the roof over the lost ruins of Gauntlgrym.

Here the party recovers items desired by the Abolith to open the way into Gauntlgrym as well as a sword dedicated to the goddess Olyhydra. The items are destroyed in the fires of Mount Doo…err… Hotenow, while the sword is reclaimed and rededicated to Kossuth.

There is a brief detour to deal with some Malarianians. Lani takes her leave to deal with some follow up for the Malarites while the rest of the party continues on to Mithril hall accompanied by their rescued potterfolk. This chapter draws to a close near the end of Kythorn, after the Summer Solstice has passed, and the party manages to make it’s way to Mithril Hall reconnecting with the Rockseekers.

Chapter 4: A refocusing
Picking up as Kythorn (June) gives way to Flamerule (July)
The party is in Mithril hall and has reconnected with the Rockseekers. They are informed of the troubled political climate caused by Bruenor and his quest to reopen Gauntlgrym, and the difficulties of finding miners to return to Phandalin.

They are informed that Gundren has made inquiries into ways to deal with Doppelgangers, and they are to speak to Loremaster Barrelborn in regards to some information she has… our next session will pick up with this meeting.

“The Doppelganger Situation”
In Wave Echo Cave (WEC) the party encounters, and kills, a dopple in the form of one of the Rockseekers. Little insight into it’s purpose there, other than being part of the Black Spider’s group.

On the way to Mithril Hall the party is attacked and discover that another dopple was the leader of the assault. There are some indications that the attack had been aimed at them. The party elects to follow up and track them back to where they came from.

At the swamp castle the party gets involved in a lizardfolk/bullywug battle that is largely secondary to what the party is doing. This fight is used to get into the keep, and then the party engages in some killing. At this point they are introduced to the “Hosttower Connection”. (see below).

Moving through the castle they find a portal and manage to activate it, appearing in a sealed dwarven tomb. After dealing with the tomb guardians and leaving this area they are again assaulted by a dopple led band of creatures. After this fight they capture and interrogate the dopple(Rezmir),

Rezmir is part of a small clan of doppelgangers that servers an aboleth by the name of Pha-zoth. This being is from the far realm (a place beyond this reality), and it’s motives are… hazy, though it is said to “Speak the will of Olyhydra”. But it seems to wants access to places of old magic, places used to forge great weapons. It first sought to gain control of the forge at Wave Echo Cave, but having been thwarted set it’s sites on larger prey… the forges of Gauntlgrym. It seems it wishes to flood the city in order to facilitate its travel to the city. And to do this, it seeks to co-opt the old “funnel” that feeds water elementals into the forge.

This also led to Grace getting her magic sword and the party destroying a key pieced of machinery that was wanted by the Aboleth in order to gain control of the elemental doorways to Gauntlgrym.

Loose threads from this include
-Of the doppelganger clan, 3 remain free. One has been sent to Luskan to gain a place of leadership in Ship Kurth, in order to watch over the Arcane Brotherhood as it rebuilds. The second was sent to Mithril Hall to find information on Gauntlgrym. The last has traveled to Waterdeep in the guise of a merchant, though it’s specific goals are unknown to Rezmir.

-The portal cube that they arty is carrying around which is supposed to take them to the Spine of the World a where there is a lodge there guarded by a person called Talis, along with a few body guards, and used as a staging area for the dopples.

-The Watery Eye is a key to Pha-zoths realm, in Xaroth’s possession

The “Hosttower Connection”
In the swamp castle fight the party encounters a mage who claimed to be from the Hosttower. He indicates that the Hosttower is in the process of rebuilding itself (both figuratively and literally) and that he was there to do some research on the portals in the swamp, as well as the scrying device in the observatory.

His actual connection to the Aboleth isn’t detailed (there is some indication he doesn’t really know anything about that aspect). It’s possible that he knew nothing about this aspect of things. There really isn’t much revealed at this point, beyond the fact the tower is rebuilt, the Arcane Brotherhood has started to flex it’s muscles, and that a mage by the name of Cashaan the Red is currently in charge.

"There's no fun in humiliating the bugbear"

Rescue people are asked about justice, Letrix says no reason to keep the druid alive.
the 3rd member joined the malarite pack

You make it to settlestone.

Xarath goes looking for research, gets directed to the local garrison because the local records are inside mithril hall

Nundro is at the Giant’s Cup

Sage Barrelborn: The one Gundren finds to help with the Doppleganger situation
—They want the essence of Savras, the dead god of Truth and Divination, has a map to a sealed temple.

Despite two months passing, no you haven't had a long rest

Lots of looting occurs

In what appears to have once been some sort of shrine dedicated to Mielikki the party finds two people covered in blood and animal furs, with some sort of malarite symbol embedded into their chests.

Letrix Applebread, a halfling potter, was traveling with Bernald Greenwood, a half elven apprentice from a small village new Longsaddle. They were on the way to Silverymoon where Letrix is employed with the local guild and were traveling with a human by the name of (sir not appearing in this adventure), who was serving as their guide/transporter. They are not sure what happened to him, but he seemed to have been accepted by the malarianian druid an taken away. The party frees these two and decides to take them with them to Mithril Hall.

In a bit of railroading NPC removal, Lani will want to take the malarite symbols to have them examined and destroyed by her Druidic circle. Blah blah malar blaah blah threat to nature…


  • 3 gold bracelets, a bit damaged but still valuable, that depict a bear a fish and a dragon (~250ps each)
  • a pair of golden rings, engraved with runes and inlaid with bloodstones (300gps total)
  • a pouch of warterhavian minted coins in the total of 65gps
  • a nobleman’s robe. Heavy embroidered silk, a bear and dragon motif that might be a coat of arms (250gps).
  • a bird cage, made of copper gilded bars, inside rests the skeleton of an articulated song bird, it’s bones held together by copper wire, that “chirps” if swung.
  • A matched set of ivory carvings depicting placid looking bears seems to be intended to be book ends but have no books with them and sit on a shelf (300gps for the set)
  • 190sps , 40 sps, 25 gps,
  • A potion of fire breath: After drinking this potion, you can use a bonus action to exhale fire at a target within 30 feet of you. The target must make a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw, taking 4d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. The effect ends after you exhale the fire three times or when 1 hour has passed.
  • mithril chain mail (AC 16, no disadvantage on Dex (Stealth) checks)
  • 8 +1 bolts
  • potion of sweet smelling liquid (greater healing potion 4d4 + 4)
  • pact rod +3, that despite having a sheet I printed out I can not find the file for so insert actual description

And the confrontation continues… Kalf, though his interpreter, offers the party the gift of Malar if they submit to him, for they are obviously strong warriors.

Xarath enacts his full imperial persona, with a magic backing earthquake provided by Amber. countering with a claim of alpha over all the tribes folk. Kalf is… kind of impressed actually. Their shaman-interpreter is not so impressed and sees through the party’s deception and attempts to counter with his own magic backed display of power (thaumaturgy Malar howl) to bolster the tribes morale… Xarath counter-spells so nothing happens when he calls out for Malar. Thus begins the breaking of the tribe as all of the lesser tribes folk run, leaving Kalf and shaman alone. The shaman tries to misty step away, countered again by Xarath and is then lept upon by a panther (SURPRISE DRUID)… he tries another spell (hold person) only to have that countered. At this point Kalf’s morale breaks as he sees his Malarite shaman seemingly having lost his powers, he flees into the woods. By this point the shaman has taken quite a beating and in desperation tries one final spell and it works! (Because Xarath only has so many counter-spells…) and vanishes… reappearing in the pit and scampering away through the hole in the bottom.

Grace gives chase with her own misty step, and unleashes a barrage of searing flames from his sword, the shaman stumbles barely alive but still moving forward only to be caught by the swift panther that takes him out. Ultimately the party opt to shove a goodberry down his throat to prevent his death…

Lani stays with the Malarite, watching him, and the rest of the party explores the odd cave structure they are in. They pass a lone statue of a bestial man, and fine an alter room with a piled stone alter upon which a blood stained brass bowl sits. Hooked chains dangle from the ceiling over the alter and blood stains mark the floors. The far end of the circular room contains 3 alcoves containing what look to be more statues. Grace walks up and without pause flips over the top of the alter, scattering a number of the stones… and the statues screech to life.

the figures start to move and bits of stone begin to pop off as if it were just a shell containing the strange chitinous bug like beings that are underneath. Again without hesitation Grace charges forward and strikes at the center of the three, cleaving into it with a mighty blow. Gerk and Amber move to intercept the left as Xarath creates a magic web covering both the right and center… and Grace. Gerk pulls back to throw javelins at the right one who will continue to struggle for the rest of the fight and eventuality cut down by the spells and arrows of the party. A strange glowing mist appears in the room causing the party to choke, just as Grace finishes off her creature. Amber calls upon her god’s mighty hammer to strike at her foe, and the party is able to quickly withdraw from the misty room so as to not die… this is the spells and arrows part. The mist disappears as the last of the creatures die.

The room is quiet, Amber notes there are two hidden exits to the room but no sign of the missing travelers. The party decides to withdraw a bit and take a short rest to recuperate after the hard fought battles.

XP: 2000

The shaman has little on him, a necklace with a brass pendant depicting the claws of Malar,


The party fights off the 3 wolf-barbarians and their 6 wolf strong pack then continues on their merry way… after a few hours of travel and the coming of night the party sees fire in the distance. Lani, Xarath, Bugsy and Russel sneak forward to scout out the place. It seems to be a large clearing, 4 bonfires marking the edges of the encampment along with a half dozen or so wooden huts all around a deep pit. The pit looks to open up into a space below, but Russel cat’d get a read on how big it is, though he does notice flickering lights.

After some debate the party regroups and decides a frontal assault is the best plan of action. Barbarians non-plussed. Kalf the crinos shows up, there was much posturing…

XP: 1500xp for various stuff

Ding Ding all about the Vermilion Bass Express

Everyone is 6th level! Yay!!
(Except Bugsy… he’s still just a bugbear)

The party travels East North East from Mnt. Hotenow in the direction of Mithril Hall. They pass through Griffon’s Nest, a semi-permanent trading outpost and continue on across the Shining Creek and the Goblintide tributaries. Shortly after passing the Goblintide the party comes across a small encampment, perhaps that of a family traveling through the wilds. It shows signs that they were attacked and carried away, and being righteous murder hobos they vote to follow the trails left by the raiders.

This trail leads them into the Lurkwood, and as evening approaches their path is blocked by a brawny human clad in wolfskins accompanied by a pair of wolves. He tells them that there is nothing for them here, the lands belong to the Wolf clan, and that no one has come this way… despite literally standing on the trail the party is following. Non plussed, Grace tells him to let them pass. Ultimately he vanishes in a swirl of leaves, promising the party will meet their fates on the claws of Malar.

The party travels on, a short while later as they enter a narrowing of the path crunching and rustling can be heard as many somethings crash through the woods, with howls a band of humans and wolves come into sight… and we leave the party…

9/10/16 notes

The party returns to the Temple of Kossuth located on the slopes of Mount Hotenow to dispose of swords and machine pieces recovered in thier travels. They are intercepted by one of Grace’s fellow Kossuthians who leads them to the head of her order. He requests that they do not destroy the sword, but instead use a ritual provided by Kossuth’s servants to “enter” the sword and defeat the spirit within and claim it as Kossuth’s own.

Having entered the domain of the spirit they encounter minor spirits of watery natures that attempt to hinder thier progress. This proves ineffectual and after a struggle with the spirit of the sword Grace unleashes the spark of Kossuth and claims the sword as her own.

XP: 1500

Fervis, flaming greatsword

And lo, the pot spoke...

Rezmir had been sent here to retrieve a piece of a mechanism to open up a set of dwarven ruins that had served as a focus point for the funnel.

Rezmir is part of a small clan of dopplegangers that servers an abolith by the name of Pha-zoth. This being is from the far realm (a place beyond this reality), and it’s motives are… hazy, though it is said to “Speak the will of Olyhydra”. But it seems to wants access to places of old magic, places used to forge great weapons. It first sought to gain control of the forge at Wave Echo Cave, but having been thwarted set it’s sites on larger prey… the forges of Gauntlgrym. It seems it wishes to flood the city in order to facilitate its travel to the city. And to do this, it seeks to co-opt the old “funnel” that feeds water elementals into the forge.

Of the doppelganger clan, 3 remain free. One has been sent to Luskan to gain a place of leadership in Ship Kurth, in order to watch over the Arcane Brotherhood as it rebuilds. The second was sent to Mithril Hall to find information on Gauntlgrym. The last has traveled to Waterdeep in the guise of a merchant, though it’s specific goals are unknown to Rezmir.

The party was tracked, first using the coin then using the sword Grace claimed from the previous doppelganger. Pha-zoth opened the portal here, and Rezmir was to use the puzzle cube to return to a staging area in the Spine of the World and to await further orders. The lodge there is guarded by a person called Talis, along with a few body guards.

The Watery Eye is a key to Pha-zoths realm.

Things and stuff

The party makes it’s way silently into the caverns below the fortress, there they find a teleportation circle, utilize the dwarven token and teleport themselves… somewhere.

The room they arrive in is octagonal, 8 doors leading out but otherwise empty. A faint light seems to emanate from nowhere in particular. As one of the doors are approached there rumble as two elementals rise from the floor and attack. Krest is instantly killed, the poor lizard, and the fight proves to be quiet challenging for the group but they win out in the end.

Behind each door a small room holds a single stone bier embossed with dwarven carvings. Eventually piercing together a riddle “To open the door, spill what we have spilled” the group assumes it must be dwarven blood, and Amber, being the only dwarf, is volunteered to try this theory out. Luckily for them she decides to get herself drunk prior to slicing open her hand as it turns out it actually refers to alcohol…

This triggers a dwarven spirit to appear who comments on the tangential way of fulfilling the riddle. Through some conversation the party finds out they are somewhere near Gauntlgrym, that this place is former temple to Dumathoin, and that the dwarves were being placed here till after the fall of the dwarven kingdom of Delzoun. The spirit implies there is nothing here for the party, at least nothing they should touch and bids them on their way vanishing as last of the hidden stairs grinds into place.

The party makes their way through a small complex, only 3 rooms, that seem bare and long untouched. The tunnel passage opens up onto a small plateau that overlooks the northern Neverwinter Wood, seemingly just Northeast of Mount Hotenow. Here they are ambushed by Rezmir and a handful of odd elemental creatures. Some heavy magic is tossed back and forth and the party comes out victorious, captures Rezmir who obviously wanted to get at something inside the temple.

XP: 2900xp

A sentient NE spirit that worships Olyhydra resides in this Greatsword. It functions as a +1 greatsword that deals an extra d6 necrotic damage so long as the spirit is not aligned with the bearer. If the spirit is aligned with the bearer it serves as a +2 greatsword and anyone struck with it must make a dc 15 Con check of have their HP max reduced by the amount of necrotic damage they took on that strike. Additionally it has 4 charges it can use to cast Detect good/evil(1), Detect magic(1) and Detect thoughts(2).

Puzzle Cube
This 2" metal cube has intricate carvings on the sides and makes a clicking sound as it’s faces are turned. It is a bound device, set with a single charge that will teleport anything with in a 10’ radius of it to a preset location. it is currently unknown where it is set to return to or if it might be re-purposed to another location.

These elaborate purple robes are reinforced with light metal plates. It provides a +2 AC bonus if worth without armor. This does not stack with other similar items.

The Watery Eye
A a smooth pale blue translucent irregularly shaped crystal is attached to a simple silver necklace. It radiates a fair amount of power but seems to be tied to Olyhydra, operating only for her devote followers. The only useful bit of information regarding it’s powers is that it also seems to serve as some sort of key, though to what precisely the party is not sure.

Feb 20th, 2016 First session of the year

After a brief examination of the tower the party decides to proceed with plan “Go forward, if something gets in the way… hit it.” by dressing up their warlock as a Host Tower wizard and barging into Rezmir’s house.

This barging works fairly well, the guards being unsuspecting and confused. The crashing wave tapestries trigger a memory in Xarath, a vision of his old master giving him a lesson about old powerful magics and ways beyond the elven mythals that were used to power advanced spells. Coming out of this he attempts to cover the delay by demanding to be taken to “him”… which triggers a bit of suspicion in the guards since Rezmir is actually a “her”.

Fighting ensues, eventually the party works it’s way through the tower killing 7 guardsmen and capturing on acolyte of “Umberlee”. They also discover a distinct lack of Rezmir, though there are signs of a somewhat hasty leaving within the past couple of days.

Some enhanced interrogation of their prisoner reveals
Rezmir left about a day ago in a hurry, left no instructions
He is a follower of Olhydra, lord of watery destruction, elemental prince of evil as is Rezmir

Ritual of Preservation
Costs 100gps in prepared oils and salts
Lasts one year, provides a single book with protection from environmental and natural damage. Dampness, heat, cold, rain, dirt, vermin, etc. will all be protected against.

Plate Mail of Acid Resistance
Created of an odd ceramic like material, this dull grey suit of articulated plate will re size itself to fit a medium size create. It provides the standard protection of plate in addition to the acid resistance.


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