The Once & Future Realms

What's in the book?

learning is fundemental

So, your first day there is going to be a few hours of research before the places start to shut down for the evening. So you won’t get anything to in depth that first day but here are some general things you will pick up, and hopefully this will spur your thoughts.

Places to Stay

  • Sapphire House, the closest Inn to the Font of Knowledge. It caters to many bards and other traveling scholars so it’s nice, but not to fancy… but music is present till late in the night. People at New Olamn recommends it highly, the Font mostly recommends it because it’s close.
  • The Wyrmbones Inn, A bit farther away but still in the Castle Ward. The people at the Font seem to recommend this one as it’s quiet and safe. New Olamn mentions it but doesn’t really give it a recommendation.
  • The Yawning Portal, A rather well know entrance into Undermountain. Located just a bit southeast of castle Waterdeep. This inn is frequented by many adventurers and others of… questionable reputation. Both places seem to mention it because you are obviously murder hobos.

Some important local places

  • Blackstaff Tower, Home of the city’s mageguards. Not open to the public.
  • Castle Waterdeep, It’s a castle. The town guard is centered here.
  • Field of Triumph, an open air stadium. horse races, martial combats, magical displays, monsters, etc.
  • The Font of Knowledge, Library/temple of Oghma in the city area just east of New Olamn. The building is well kept, only moderately noisy, and there are numerous people wearing the scroll seal of Oghma’s priests who want to help you. No, really, they are going to help you, don’t touch that. Guards in light chain and carrying quarterstaves walk the isles watching for rule breakers. They have a books on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Heroes Garden, A public park in the Sea ward, it lies over the ground where a wizards tower/school once stood. Full of statues of former heroes of Waterdeep
  • The Market, a large open air market in the northern castle ward “You can find almost anything you need, but you’ll never find everything you want.”
  • The Map House, Surveyors’, Map and Chart-Makers Guild: Located on in the area on the north side of the spur of Mt Waterdeep that juts to the east. Like it says, maps and maps and more maps.
  • New Olamn, The bardic college. Located in a park like area near the cliff face walls at the northern end of Mt Waterdeep. It’s a good location of current information and historical lore.
  • The Plinth, Located in the Trade ward this large flat topped tower is open to worshipers of all gods, and many gods that do not have large enough followings to warrant an actual church in the city have shrines or alters. It’s a good place to meet and speak to a variety of religious figures.

General Waterdeep Information

  • There is one open lord in Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand, and a number of hidden ones.
  • The city suffered greatly during the spell plague and various campaigns in the north. The * cities military forces are sorely depleted.
  • A number of noble houses were gutted as well, and their power weakened.
  • Blackstaff Tower is now ruled by the young archamge of Waterdeep, Vajra Safhar who inherited the role when her lover, the previous archmage, was killed less than a year ago.
  • The upper levels of Undermountain are semi-tame now with Halaster dead, and the areas are a mix of gnomes, halflings, and rumors of an active black market.


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