The Once & Future Realms

What sort of GM doesn't keep his logs up to date?

This one right here!

The party decides to pursue it’s Undermountain leads, and heads into the infamous dungeons.

queue walking/adventuring montage

As the party nears it’s major reference point in UM, the Shaft, they are beset but a group of off tentacle beasts that drop out of a water portal. The little ones explode into acid, which is unpleasant, and the large one provides the soothing accompaniment of madness inducing whispers. The party is successful in defeating these foes, and do NOT leap into the quickly dissipating portal that sucks the large creature out of existence just before it’s death.

In the aftermath the party finds numerous oddly shaped pieces of metal and after fiddling about with them discover they assemble into a cube much like the one they had recovered from their previous Doppelganger foes. Xarath’s newly acquired Warlockian insights allow him to make out words in the strange off putting scrawls on the outsides of the boxes.

There is a bit of debate about what to do with this, but in the end they decide to proceed with their current plan and proceed towards the old dwarf clan-home.After this encounter the party presses on and heads down the shaft towards their destination.

Along the way they meet a pair of traveling merchants, a half elf and half orc who purport to be brothers. They chit chat a bit, talk about Skull Port and the drow. The half orc kind of hits on Grace.

Continuing on their way after many hours of travel they find themselves in a large open room. The walls and pillars are nicked and scored as if there had been damage done to them ,and there are shallow gouges through the area that look like they may have once contained metal rails, like mine cart tracks. Across the empty room a set of large brass doors, easily 30 feet across block their way, with no easy signs of access.

Crossing some unseen line the room is filled with light and sound… steam and metal reverberate through the room and with a harsh screeching sound the old metal doors begin to drag open. Simultaneously harsh lights flicker into luminescence, from seemingly hidden recesses in the rock face of the walls casting the room in bright shadow less white. Momentarily given a view beyond the door the party can make out a long passage way, with galleries and walk ways cluttering the way forward… their view is quickly dominated by a swarm of odd mismatched clockwork beasts that clamor out the doors and with hissing steam stand motionless seemingly observing the party.


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