The Once & Future Realms

Uh, another summary...

I've really been slacking on these updates

So there has been some research,without a huge amount of hard data being returned. Things you have found include

  • that while there is certainly criminal activity in the Dock Ward, “real” pirates are much more likely to be found down in Skullport.
  • There are ways down to Skullport, including one by water, but specifics would require more investigation.
  • general descriptions and maps of areas of Undermoutain, including ways to get there.
  • the fact that N’esr is a rather obscure name that the god Cyric was known as by the Bedine peoples. (a group of honor bound nomads that live in the Anauroch desert. (This desert forms the eastern barrier of the silver marches))
  • that Laeral Silverhand is a strange ruler, who seems to cause a bit of exasperation in her court. She likes to take a hands on approach to finding things out and keeping an eye on the city. Also, she dislikes doppelgangers, slave traders, pirates, and the Hosttower and ran a mercenary band for a long time so she’s not unaccustomed to the ways of adventuring for money… she’s kind of the perfect patron for Grace, or perhaps the group as a whole.(this is totally cannon btw)
  • finding doppelgangers is kind of difficult, but there are some very direct methods such as Divination (4th level spell, kind of vague) or Scrying (difficult with vague information, but possible. 5th level spell)
  • the token you were given by Laeral is magical. It’s main function seems to be to prove that you are working for Laeral and that it will shatter if anyone other than the three of you tried to use it to claim this.


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