The Once & Future Realms

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The party makes it’s way silently into the caverns below the fortress, there they find a teleportation circle, utilize the dwarven token and teleport themselves… somewhere.

The room they arrive in is octagonal, 8 doors leading out but otherwise empty. A faint light seems to emanate from nowhere in particular. As one of the doors are approached there rumble as two elementals rise from the floor and attack. Krest is instantly killed, the poor lizard, and the fight proves to be quiet challenging for the group but they win out in the end.

Behind each door a small room holds a single stone bier embossed with dwarven carvings. Eventually piercing together a riddle “To open the door, spill what we have spilled” the group assumes it must be dwarven blood, and Amber, being the only dwarf, is volunteered to try this theory out. Luckily for them she decides to get herself drunk prior to slicing open her hand as it turns out it actually refers to alcohol…

This triggers a dwarven spirit to appear who comments on the tangential way of fulfilling the riddle. Through some conversation the party finds out they are somewhere near Gauntlgrym, that this place is former temple to Dumathoin, and that the dwarves were being placed here till after the fall of the dwarven kingdom of Delzoun. The spirit implies there is nothing here for the party, at least nothing they should touch and bids them on their way vanishing as last of the hidden stairs grinds into place.

The party makes their way through a small complex, only 3 rooms, that seem bare and long untouched. The tunnel passage opens up onto a small plateau that overlooks the northern Neverwinter Wood, seemingly just Northeast of Mount Hotenow. Here they are ambushed by Rezmir and a handful of odd elemental creatures. Some heavy magic is tossed back and forth and the party comes out victorious, captures Rezmir who obviously wanted to get at something inside the temple.

XP: 2900xp

A sentient NE spirit that worships Olyhydra resides in this Greatsword. It functions as a +1 greatsword that deals an extra d6 necrotic damage so long as the spirit is not aligned with the bearer. If the spirit is aligned with the bearer it serves as a +2 greatsword and anyone struck with it must make a dc 15 Con check of have their HP max reduced by the amount of necrotic damage they took on that strike. Additionally it has 4 charges it can use to cast Detect good/evil(1), Detect magic(1) and Detect thoughts(2).

Puzzle Cube
This 2" metal cube has intricate carvings on the sides and makes a clicking sound as it’s faces are turned. It is a bound device, set with a single charge that will teleport anything with in a 10’ radius of it to a preset location. it is currently unknown where it is set to return to or if it might be re-purposed to another location.

These elaborate purple robes are reinforced with light metal plates. It provides a +2 AC bonus if worth without armor. This does not stack with other similar items.

The Watery Eye
A a smooth pale blue translucent irregularly shaped crystal is attached to a simple silver necklace. It radiates a fair amount of power but seems to be tied to Olyhydra, operating only for her devote followers. The only useful bit of information regarding it’s powers is that it also seems to serve as some sort of key, though to what precisely the party is not sure.


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