The Once & Future Realms

So, uh, what were we doing?


The party fought and destroyed the steam powered crab bots. A ghostly dwarf appears, takes them through a series of hidden tunnels into the old royal chambers where they are met with the last remaining member of the Clan Melairkyn rulership that once ruled in these halls.

Bandaerl, high priest of Dumathoin, has tuned himself into a archlich of sorts in an effort to protect his king’s remains from the deprivations of Halaster and his apprentices. Which this worked to a degree, it’s been a long lonely time and he wishes to move on. Unable to do this himself he proposes that the party destroy the forge heart that powers the halls, allowing him to move on and in exchange he will help them get the tools Xarath wants.

The party agrees, and after a night of rest they head into the depths of Melairbode. There they confront a number of constructs including the huge molten creature that is assumed to be the forge heart. These fights are not as hard as they might have been and the party wins…

So… there we are.


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