The Once & Future Realms

Matt's Notes for 9/22/2017

Late in the evening the party is visited by a delivery-dwarf who hands over a package.

Lense of Revealing (Divination)
5 charges, recharges d4 at Twilight
Each charge will give the wearer 1 minute of sight that reveals to the wearer anyone not in their true form. Note doesn’t actually show the true form, but “highlights” the creature in disguise and the wearer knows what the true form is. Examples: A human in a disguise would be highlighted and the user would know they were a disguised human. Or a elven druid shape shifted into a cat would show up and the wearer would know “Elf druid”. It won’t necessarily point out someone with a covered face, like a veil or a closed helmet, unless that item is actually a disguise, so if someone were pretending to be a knight and was using the armor as a disguise, or pretending to be part of a veiled harem. Magic is weird sometimes.

The party sticks around in Settlestone until the Rockseekers head back south to Phandalin. They are accompanied by a half dozen dwarves they have hired to form sort of the core working council to get the mines back in operation. They say anther couple of dozen will be traveling after this, but they are mostly laborer and workmen so they aren’t getting the VIP treatment.

Dagla(f) & Rona Ovmek(f)-two female dwarves, they have dusky skin, brass colored hair and dark eyes that mark them as deep dwarves. They are respectively an architect and a stonemason. They are sisters, and generally reserved and keep to themselves though they did respond to Xarath’s attempts to get to know them, so it seems they are more shy than they are antisocial. They decided to sign on to this mission because they aren’t exactly treated poorly in Mithril hall, but they also aren’t exactly welcomed either.

Banthic Garal(m)- Older, in in plate armor and has a large hammer that is obviously seen use. Has a bit of a limp. Is introduced as the new captain of the guard. He’s rather outgoing and likes to tell old war stories. Thinks Bruenor Battlehammer is an uppity young’n who won’t settle down.

Fanah Musdakver(f)- Also an older dwarf, looks like someone who has done hard work all her life. Chief miner. She’s a bit rough and standoffish, reluctant to actually socialize with anyone so little is revealed about her.

Tefhild(f) & Marin(m) Reial- middle years married couple, both are smiths one focuses on weapons and one on armor. they are the going to be the forge masters. They have a couple of adult children, one who is off with Bruenor’s crusade, the other who is staying in Mithril Hall to continue his own journeyman-ship. Friendly enough for dwarves, especially after they get a few drinks into them.

The party travels ass far as Yartar with the group, a trip of about 5 days on the river. At that point they split up with the Rockseekers heading overland to Phandalin and the party finding another boat to gain passage to the south. Another few days later they arrive at a Waterhavian run way station where they unload and head the last few miles overland to Waterdeep.

It is early afternoon of the 4th day of Eleasis(August), also know as the month of Highsun. The party makes it’s way to the Castle district in the City of Splendors and have been given rough directions to two locations that are not far from each other. The first is New Olamn, also know as the College of New Olamn, and is the local Bardic college renowned for it’s music but also a good place to find tellers of tales and those who know much of the past. The other is known as The Font of Knowledge, the local temple of Oghma (God of Knowledge) that also serves as a sort of semi-public library for the city. Both lie in the North Western corner of the Castle ward…

The party gets 1000xp and levels to level 7


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