The Once & Future Realms

Matt's Notes for 8/4/2017

Pick it up in the room, questioning the Light of Truth

Grace: What identity is the doppelganger identity in Mithril hall?
LoT:I require greater sacrifice for that question
party uses the undead bodies as fuel for the fire
LoT:Norsol Battledelver

G: Where should I look for more allies in my intent to clean the pirates from Luskan?
LoT: The city of pirates has many enemies, seek the hidden lords in the great city

G: What will we face if we use the teleport cube?
LoT: Old Fire, fear and regret

X: Can I trust either of the sages?
LoT: Neither have shown you their true faces, the word of truth can hide a lie

X: Is the sage the best path to finding the clan I seek?
Lot: I can tell you only what has already happened, you have already found the clan you seek.

After burning through the undead bodies Grace attempts to remove the crystal focus and isn’t able to bend the prongs. The party then decides to look around as Grace quiestions Xarath about his questions regarding the sages. X more or less indicates that he is interested in the clan Melairkyn, the clan from Wave Echo Cave. Grace accepts this as he explains that the ability to make magic weapons could prove useful in her crusade against Luskan and it’s pirates, and the “Pirates of the land”…. i.e. bandits.

They find meditation rooms and a library that is mostly useless, as all the books have been torn to shreds… though it appears that afterwards someone stuffed the pages back into the shells of the books to “clean” the room. The wait a bit, trying to figure out if there is anything of use here and find out that an unseen servant appears and starts to clean the pages they left on the ground… a magic roomba.

They start to talk about heading back to Mithril Hall, and realize they haven’t found any inks (cough, cough, totally not the gm forgetting to describe them anywhere cough cough). But what ho! A door they’d not gone through! Inside is an alchemy lab, full of equipment and bottles of all sorts of reagents. In also contains a set of 6 magical inks, which they assume are what they are here for. Xarath goes through the reagents looking for anything useful and gets a selection of rare item that are still good after the years of neglect. He also finds a ceramic pot that is labeled “Ashes of the sacrificed” and contains a fine grey powder.

After a brief discussion they decide to rest inside the entryway and head out in the morning. They take time to examine the bag they found, confirming that it is a bag of holding… and after figuring out they can turn the bag inside out to see if anything is inside they discover

400cp, 8000 sp, 2000 gp, 50 pp, 400gps worth of nicknacks like, a silver plate, small semi-precious stones, some small carved statues, a few sets of fancy cloths
Potion of Healing, Potion of Greater Healing
Spell Scroll (2nd) -Zone of Truth
5 books that have not been destroyed…
a journal: This appears to be the journal of the leader of the Cyricists that had invaded the temple. It is a long rambling text, full of petty rivalries, grudges and revenge. It says that Cyric himself sent them on this mission… if you believe it. It also showes his fall into insanity and undeath.
a workbook with recipes and notes inside: This book contains many recipes and such on the preparation of materials for alchemy, and a few fully functional recipes: how to create a liquid that shines as bright as a torch but casts to flame or heat, a sealant that can be used like wax but will reseal itself when pressed together, potion of resistance and variants for fire and frost, potion of growth, potion of water breathing. Also of note is how to prepare the Ashes of the Sacrificed (which is now likely impossible given the dismantling of the device) and how to create the magical inks…. which can be used to copy a book automagically, as well as extract the memories from the dead given certain careful preparations.
a religious text called “The Light of Truth”:It talks about the religion of Savras, but also about the device here. It seems to indicate that sacrifices were on more physical monetary valuable, not living ones like the alchemy text suggests… which is right? Or perhaps the living sacrifices weren’t so public?
two more mundane books: “The Compilation of Unknown Nature by Countess Aeggolfin the Forgotten” and “Luminous Lexicon of Trifold Divination”.


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