The Once & Future Realms


Ah, I'm late with updates! Bad GM!

The party investigates the doors, first to the east the find the door is plain, but still sealed…. as they approach it runes flicker across it;s surface but quickly gutter out… Grace touches the door, trying to enter and is zapped (ZAP) by the broken defenses. They use magic to dispel part of the door’s wards, but it’;s still not free of magic so they investigate the other door… it’s runes seem to be functional and ask the party what they would give to one who is lost (Guidance! Word puzzles are fun!) and gain entrance into a small two room section of the temple. Beyond a sparse sitting room is what seems to be a study of sorts, well preserved but old furniture fills the room, a desk some chairs.

entering the room triggers something, and a crystal ball filled with eyes appears on the desk, regards the arty for a few moments and then the ghost of a human man appears (Alberic, former high priest). They speak to him a bit, basically find out that the temple fell after Savras died, and that the wards were damaged in the fall. He allows the party to enter the rest of the temple by disabling the wards, and warns them that there are dangers that have been contained by the wards.

the party proceeds through the rest of the temple, it is oddly clean, though most everything they see shows signs of damage… broken plates, damaged tables, doors that don’t sit right. But everything is “tidy”, even if it’s broken.

The encounter a small squad of dead Cyric worshipers who they redeadify and eventually they find their goal.. the light of truth… as well as some more dead Cyric worshipers, who despite being bolstered by some priestly magics the party manages to redeadify as well.

They spend some time working with the odd brass mechanisms of the light, eventually maamging to figure out how to lock it into various arrangements but it doesn’t seem to be “doing” antything. Grace busts up the chair the Cyric guy was on and burns it in the lights brassier, and this does… something but not until Xarath forms the question “Does Savras need to be here for this to work” does it seem to do anything. It answers “No”

They figure out that intent is needed, they must /ask questions/ for it to produce answers. They also discover that it seems to consume materials placed in the brassier in order to power itself, and that it can provide more than Yes/No answers…


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