The Once & Future Realms


The party fights off the 3 wolf-barbarians and their 6 wolf strong pack then continues on their merry way… after a few hours of travel and the coming of night the party sees fire in the distance. Lani, Xarath, Bugsy and Russel sneak forward to scout out the place. It seems to be a large clearing, 4 bonfires marking the edges of the encampment along with a half dozen or so wooden huts all around a deep pit. The pit looks to open up into a space below, but Russel cat’d get a read on how big it is, though he does notice flickering lights.

After some debate the party regroups and decides a frontal assault is the best plan of action. Barbarians non-plussed. Kalf the crinos shows up, there was much posturing…

XP: 1500xp for various stuff


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