The Once & Future Realms


And the confrontation continues… Kalf, though his interpreter, offers the party the gift of Malar if they submit to him, for they are obviously strong warriors.

Xarath enacts his full imperial persona, with a magic backing earthquake provided by Amber. countering with a claim of alpha over all the tribes folk. Kalf is… kind of impressed actually. Their shaman-interpreter is not so impressed and sees through the party’s deception and attempts to counter with his own magic backed display of power (thaumaturgy Malar howl) to bolster the tribes morale… Xarath counter-spells so nothing happens when he calls out for Malar. Thus begins the breaking of the tribe as all of the lesser tribes folk run, leaving Kalf and shaman alone. The shaman tries to misty step away, countered again by Xarath and is then lept upon by a panther (SURPRISE DRUID)… he tries another spell (hold person) only to have that countered. At this point Kalf’s morale breaks as he sees his Malarite shaman seemingly having lost his powers, he flees into the woods. By this point the shaman has taken quite a beating and in desperation tries one final spell and it works! (Because Xarath only has so many counter-spells…) and vanishes… reappearing in the pit and scampering away through the hole in the bottom.

Grace gives chase with her own misty step, and unleashes a barrage of searing flames from his sword, the shaman stumbles barely alive but still moving forward only to be caught by the swift panther that takes him out. Ultimately the party opt to shove a goodberry down his throat to prevent his death…

Lani stays with the Malarite, watching him, and the rest of the party explores the odd cave structure they are in. They pass a lone statue of a bestial man, and fine an alter room with a piled stone alter upon which a blood stained brass bowl sits. Hooked chains dangle from the ceiling over the alter and blood stains mark the floors. The far end of the circular room contains 3 alcoves containing what look to be more statues. Grace walks up and without pause flips over the top of the alter, scattering a number of the stones… and the statues screech to life.

the figures start to move and bits of stone begin to pop off as if it were just a shell containing the strange chitinous bug like beings that are underneath. Again without hesitation Grace charges forward and strikes at the center of the three, cleaving into it with a mighty blow. Gerk and Amber move to intercept the left as Xarath creates a magic web covering both the right and center… and Grace. Gerk pulls back to throw javelins at the right one who will continue to struggle for the rest of the fight and eventuality cut down by the spells and arrows of the party. A strange glowing mist appears in the room causing the party to choke, just as Grace finishes off her creature. Amber calls upon her god’s mighty hammer to strike at her foe, and the party is able to quickly withdraw from the misty room so as to not die… this is the spells and arrows part. The mist disappears as the last of the creatures die.

The room is quiet, Amber notes there are two hidden exits to the room but no sign of the missing travelers. The party decides to withdraw a bit and take a short rest to recuperate after the hard fought battles.

XP: 2000

The shaman has little on him, a necklace with a brass pendant depicting the claws of Malar,


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