The Once & Future Realms


Ding Ding all about the Vermilion Bass Express

Everyone is 6th level! Yay!!
(Except Bugsy… he’s still just a bugbear)

The party travels East North East from Mnt. Hotenow in the direction of Mithril Hall. They pass through Griffon’s Nest, a semi-permanent trading outpost and continue on across the Shining Creek and the Goblintide tributaries. Shortly after passing the Goblintide the party comes across a small encampment, perhaps that of a family traveling through the wilds. It shows signs that they were attacked and carried away, and being righteous murder hobos they vote to follow the trails left by the raiders.

This trail leads them into the Lurkwood, and as evening approaches their path is blocked by a brawny human clad in wolfskins accompanied by a pair of wolves. He tells them that there is nothing for them here, the lands belong to the Wolf clan, and that no one has come this way… despite literally standing on the trail the party is following. Non plussed, Grace tells him to let them pass. Ultimately he vanishes in a swirl of leaves, promising the party will meet their fates on the claws of Malar.

The party travels on, a short while later as they enter a narrowing of the path crunching and rustling can be heard as many somethings crash through the woods, with howls a band of humans and wolves come into sight… and we leave the party…


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