The Once & Future Realms

So, uh, what were we doing?

The party fought and destroyed the steam powered crab bots. A ghostly dwarf appears, takes them through a series of hidden tunnels into the old royal chambers where they are met with the last remaining member of the Clan Melairkyn rulership that once ruled in these halls.

Bandaerl, high priest of Dumathoin, has tuned himself into a archlich of sorts in an effort to protect his king’s remains from the deprivations of Halaster and his apprentices. Which this worked to a degree, it’s been a long lonely time and he wishes to move on. Unable to do this himself he proposes that the party destroy the forge heart that powers the halls, allowing him to move on and in exchange he will help them get the tools Xarath wants.

The party agrees, and after a night of rest they head into the depths of Melairbode. There they confront a number of constructs including the huge molten creature that is assumed to be the forge heart. These fights are not as hard as they might have been and the party wins…

So… there we are.

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The party decides to pursue it’s Undermountain leads, and heads into the infamous dungeons.

queue walking/adventuring montage

As the party nears it’s major reference point in UM, the Shaft, they are beset but a group of off tentacle beasts that drop out of a water portal. The little ones explode into acid, which is unpleasant, and the large one provides the soothing accompaniment of madness inducing whispers. The party is successful in defeating these foes, and do NOT leap into the quickly dissipating portal that sucks the large creature out of existence just before it’s death.

In the aftermath the party finds numerous oddly shaped pieces of metal and after fiddling about with them discover they assemble into a cube much like the one they had recovered from their previous Doppelganger foes. Xarath’s newly acquired Warlockian insights allow him to make out words in the strange off putting scrawls on the outsides of the boxes.

There is a bit of debate about what to do with this, but in the end they decide to proceed with their current plan and proceed towards the old dwarf clan-home.After this encounter the party presses on and heads down the shaft towards their destination.

Along the way they meet a pair of traveling merchants, a half elf and half orc who purport to be brothers. They chit chat a bit, talk about Skull Port and the drow. The half orc kind of hits on Grace.

Continuing on their way after many hours of travel they find themselves in a large open room. The walls and pillars are nicked and scored as if there had been damage done to them ,and there are shallow gouges through the area that look like they may have once contained metal rails, like mine cart tracks. Across the empty room a set of large brass doors, easily 30 feet across block their way, with no easy signs of access.

Crossing some unseen line the room is filled with light and sound… steam and metal reverberate through the room and with a harsh screeching sound the old metal doors begin to drag open. Simultaneously harsh lights flicker into luminescence, from seemingly hidden recesses in the rock face of the walls casting the room in bright shadow less white. Momentarily given a view beyond the door the party can make out a long passage way, with galleries and walk ways cluttering the way forward… their view is quickly dominated by a swarm of odd mismatched clockwork beasts that clamor out the doors and with hissing steam stand motionless seemingly observing the party.

Uh, another summary...
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So there has been some research,without a huge amount of hard data being returned. Things you have found include

  • that while there is certainly criminal activity in the Dock Ward, “real” pirates are much more likely to be found down in Skullport.
  • There are ways down to Skullport, including one by water, but specifics would require more investigation.
  • general descriptions and maps of areas of Undermoutain, including ways to get there.
  • the fact that N’esr is a rather obscure name that the god Cyric was known as by the Bedine peoples. (a group of honor bound nomads that live in the Anauroch desert. (This desert forms the eastern barrier of the silver marches))
  • that Laeral Silverhand is a strange ruler, who seems to cause a bit of exasperation in her court. She likes to take a hands on approach to finding things out and keeping an eye on the city. Also, she dislikes doppelgangers, slave traders, pirates, and the Hosttower and ran a mercenary band for a long time so she’s not unaccustomed to the ways of adventuring for money… she’s kind of the perfect patron for Grace, or perhaps the group as a whole.(this is totally cannon btw)
  • finding doppelgangers is kind of difficult, but there are some very direct methods such as Divination (4th level spell, kind of vague) or Scrying (difficult with vague information, but possible. 5th level spell)
  • the token you were given by Laeral is magical. It’s main function seems to be to prove that you are working for Laeral and that it will shatter if anyone other than the three of you tried to use it to claim this.
What's in the book?
learning is fundemental

So, your first day there is going to be a few hours of research before the places start to shut down for the evening. So you won’t get anything to in depth that first day but here are some general things you will pick up, and hopefully this will spur your thoughts.

Places to Stay

  • Sapphire House, the closest Inn to the Font of Knowledge. It caters to many bards and other traveling scholars so it’s nice, but not to fancy… but music is present till late in the night. People at New Olamn recommends it highly, the Font mostly recommends it because it’s close.
  • The Wyrmbones Inn, A bit farther away but still in the Castle Ward. The people at the Font seem to recommend this one as it’s quiet and safe. New Olamn mentions it but doesn’t really give it a recommendation.
  • The Yawning Portal, A rather well know entrance into Undermountain. Located just a bit southeast of castle Waterdeep. This inn is frequented by many adventurers and others of… questionable reputation. Both places seem to mention it because you are obviously murder hobos.

Some important local places

  • Blackstaff Tower, Home of the city’s mageguards. Not open to the public.
  • Castle Waterdeep, It’s a castle. The town guard is centered here.
  • Field of Triumph, an open air stadium. horse races, martial combats, magical displays, monsters, etc.
  • The Font of Knowledge, Library/temple of Oghma in the city area just east of New Olamn. The building is well kept, only moderately noisy, and there are numerous people wearing the scroll seal of Oghma’s priests who want to help you. No, really, they are going to help you, don’t touch that. Guards in light chain and carrying quarterstaves walk the isles watching for rule breakers. They have a books on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Heroes Garden, A public park in the Sea ward, it lies over the ground where a wizards tower/school once stood. Full of statues of former heroes of Waterdeep
  • The Market, a large open air market in the northern castle ward “You can find almost anything you need, but you’ll never find everything you want.”
  • The Map House, Surveyors’, Map and Chart-Makers Guild: Located on in the area on the north side of the spur of Mt Waterdeep that juts to the east. Like it says, maps and maps and more maps.
  • New Olamn, The bardic college. Located in a park like area near the cliff face walls at the northern end of Mt Waterdeep. It’s a good location of current information and historical lore.
  • The Plinth, Located in the Trade ward this large flat topped tower is open to worshipers of all gods, and many gods that do not have large enough followings to warrant an actual church in the city have shrines or alters. It’s a good place to meet and speak to a variety of religious figures.

General Waterdeep Information

  • There is one open lord in Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand, and a number of hidden ones.
  • The city suffered greatly during the spell plague and various campaigns in the north. The * cities military forces are sorely depleted.
  • A number of noble houses were gutted as well, and their power weakened.
  • Blackstaff Tower is now ruled by the young archamge of Waterdeep, Vajra Safhar who inherited the role when her lover, the previous archmage, was killed less than a year ago.
  • The upper levels of Undermountain are semi-tame now with Halaster dead, and the areas are a mix of gnomes, halflings, and rumors of an active black market.
Matt's Notes for 9/22/2017

Late in the evening the party is visited by a delivery-dwarf who hands over a package.

Lense of Revealing (Divination)
5 charges, recharges d4 at Twilight
Each charge will give the wearer 1 minute of sight that reveals to the wearer anyone not in their true form. Note doesn’t actually show the true form, but “highlights” the creature in disguise and the wearer knows what the true form is. Examples: A human in a disguise would be highlighted and the user would know they were a disguised human. Or a elven druid shape shifted into a cat would show up and the wearer would know “Elf druid”. It won’t necessarily point out someone with a covered face, like a veil or a closed helmet, unless that item is actually a disguise, so if someone were pretending to be a knight and was using the armor as a disguise, or pretending to be part of a veiled harem. Magic is weird sometimes.

The party sticks around in Settlestone until the Rockseekers head back south to Phandalin. They are accompanied by a half dozen dwarves they have hired to form sort of the core working council to get the mines back in operation. They say anther couple of dozen will be traveling after this, but they are mostly laborer and workmen so they aren’t getting the VIP treatment.

Dagla(f) & Rona Ovmek(f)-two female dwarves, they have dusky skin, brass colored hair and dark eyes that mark them as deep dwarves. They are respectively an architect and a stonemason. They are sisters, and generally reserved and keep to themselves though they did respond to Xarath’s attempts to get to know them, so it seems they are more shy than they are antisocial. They decided to sign on to this mission because they aren’t exactly treated poorly in Mithril hall, but they also aren’t exactly welcomed either.

Banthic Garal(m)- Older, in in plate armor and has a large hammer that is obviously seen use. Has a bit of a limp. Is introduced as the new captain of the guard. He’s rather outgoing and likes to tell old war stories. Thinks Bruenor Battlehammer is an uppity young’n who won’t settle down.

Fanah Musdakver(f)- Also an older dwarf, looks like someone who has done hard work all her life. Chief miner. She’s a bit rough and standoffish, reluctant to actually socialize with anyone so little is revealed about her.

Tefhild(f) & Marin(m) Reial- middle years married couple, both are smiths one focuses on weapons and one on armor. they are the going to be the forge masters. They have a couple of adult children, one who is off with Bruenor’s crusade, the other who is staying in Mithril Hall to continue his own journeyman-ship. Friendly enough for dwarves, especially after they get a few drinks into them.

The party travels ass far as Yartar with the group, a trip of about 5 days on the river. At that point they split up with the Rockseekers heading overland to Phandalin and the party finding another boat to gain passage to the south. Another few days later they arrive at a Waterhavian run way station where they unload and head the last few miles overland to Waterdeep.

It is early afternoon of the 4th day of Eleasis(August), also know as the month of Highsun. The party makes it’s way to the Castle district in the City of Splendors and have been given rough directions to two locations that are not far from each other. The first is New Olamn, also know as the College of New Olamn, and is the local Bardic college renowned for it’s music but also a good place to find tellers of tales and those who know much of the past. The other is known as The Font of Knowledge, the local temple of Oghma (God of Knowledge) that also serves as a sort of semi-public library for the city. Both lie in the North Western corner of the Castle ward…

The party gets 1000xp and levels to level 7

Matt's Notes for 9/1/2017

In the now defunct temple of Savaras the party discusses what to do next, they ultimately decide to spend a week here working on and creating some more of the inks, and to then use them to pay both sages.

A tenday or so later the party arrives back in Settlestone and meet with the Rockseekers. They tell them their tale and their suspicions about sage Barrelborn and ask the Rockseekrs to investigate a bit before they let her know they are back. At this meetign the rockseekers also inform them that they will be heading back to Wave Echo Cave in about a tenday accompanied by a smaller number of miners than they would like, but they’ve decided that they need to get started on the real work and that a few dwarven miners in key positions supported by other human labor is better than no work getting done.

Research takes a few days, with Amber helping out Nundro and they don’t discover a lot of new information, except that shortly after she arrived she caused something a of a disturbance with the local priests, claiming that many of the dwarven gods were dead and that the priests were lying to their followers. A follow up at the temples provides the information that the priest she argued with is nowhere to be found, but otherwise nothing of use.

During this time Grace works on discovering Waterhavian merchants to make contacts with, this is relatively easy.

They call a meeting with Sage Barrelborn… Grace casts ZONE OF TRUTH
She is shifty, reacts to the information that Cyric worshipers were at the temple.
Calls her mentor “N’esr”
she’s a fire breathing dragon
she crushes the gem, says she will return a lens to them in 2 days

Flintshield shows up the next day, doesn’t take the ink, gives map to a place in Undermountain where the last of the clan died, and will have the materials and knowledge to make his tools. Promises to look into the doppelganger.

Matt's Notes for 8/4/2017

Pick it up in the room, questioning the Light of Truth

Grace: What identity is the doppelganger identity in Mithril hall?
LoT:I require greater sacrifice for that question
party uses the undead bodies as fuel for the fire
LoT:Norsol Battledelver

G: Where should I look for more allies in my intent to clean the pirates from Luskan?
LoT: The city of pirates has many enemies, seek the hidden lords in the great city

G: What will we face if we use the teleport cube?
LoT: Old Fire, fear and regret

X: Can I trust either of the sages?
LoT: Neither have shown you their true faces, the word of truth can hide a lie

X: Is the sage the best path to finding the clan I seek?
Lot: I can tell you only what has already happened, you have already found the clan you seek.

After burning through the undead bodies Grace attempts to remove the crystal focus and isn’t able to bend the prongs. The party then decides to look around as Grace quiestions Xarath about his questions regarding the sages. X more or less indicates that he is interested in the clan Melairkyn, the clan from Wave Echo Cave. Grace accepts this as he explains that the ability to make magic weapons could prove useful in her crusade against Luskan and it’s pirates, and the “Pirates of the land”…. i.e. bandits.

They find meditation rooms and a library that is mostly useless, as all the books have been torn to shreds… though it appears that afterwards someone stuffed the pages back into the shells of the books to “clean” the room. The wait a bit, trying to figure out if there is anything of use here and find out that an unseen servant appears and starts to clean the pages they left on the ground… a magic roomba.

They start to talk about heading back to Mithril Hall, and realize they haven’t found any inks (cough, cough, totally not the gm forgetting to describe them anywhere cough cough). But what ho! A door they’d not gone through! Inside is an alchemy lab, full of equipment and bottles of all sorts of reagents. In also contains a set of 6 magical inks, which they assume are what they are here for. Xarath goes through the reagents looking for anything useful and gets a selection of rare item that are still good after the years of neglect. He also finds a ceramic pot that is labeled “Ashes of the sacrificed” and contains a fine grey powder.

After a brief discussion they decide to rest inside the entryway and head out in the morning. They take time to examine the bag they found, confirming that it is a bag of holding… and after figuring out they can turn the bag inside out to see if anything is inside they discover

400cp, 8000 sp, 2000 gp, 50 pp, 400gps worth of nicknacks like, a silver plate, small semi-precious stones, some small carved statues, a few sets of fancy cloths
Potion of Healing, Potion of Greater Healing
Spell Scroll (2nd) -Zone of Truth
5 books that have not been destroyed…
a journal: This appears to be the journal of the leader of the Cyricists that had invaded the temple. It is a long rambling text, full of petty rivalries, grudges and revenge. It says that Cyric himself sent them on this mission… if you believe it. It also showes his fall into insanity and undeath.
a workbook with recipes and notes inside: This book contains many recipes and such on the preparation of materials for alchemy, and a few fully functional recipes: how to create a liquid that shines as bright as a torch but casts to flame or heat, a sealant that can be used like wax but will reseal itself when pressed together, potion of resistance and variants for fire and frost, potion of growth, potion of water breathing. Also of note is how to prepare the Ashes of the Sacrificed (which is now likely impossible given the dismantling of the device) and how to create the magical inks…. which can be used to copy a book automagically, as well as extract the memories from the dead given certain careful preparations.
a religious text called “The Light of Truth”:It talks about the religion of Savras, but also about the device here. It seems to indicate that sacrifices were on more physical monetary valuable, not living ones like the alchemy text suggests… which is right? Or perhaps the living sacrifices weren’t so public?
two more mundane books: “The Compilation of Unknown Nature by Countess Aeggolfin the Forgotten” and “Luminous Lexicon of Trifold Divination”.

Ah, I'm late with updates! Bad GM!

The party investigates the doors, first to the east the find the door is plain, but still sealed…. as they approach it runes flicker across it;s surface but quickly gutter out… Grace touches the door, trying to enter and is zapped (ZAP) by the broken defenses. They use magic to dispel part of the door’s wards, but it’;s still not free of magic so they investigate the other door… it’s runes seem to be functional and ask the party what they would give to one who is lost (Guidance! Word puzzles are fun!) and gain entrance into a small two room section of the temple. Beyond a sparse sitting room is what seems to be a study of sorts, well preserved but old furniture fills the room, a desk some chairs.

entering the room triggers something, and a crystal ball filled with eyes appears on the desk, regards the arty for a few moments and then the ghost of a human man appears (Alberic, former high priest). They speak to him a bit, basically find out that the temple fell after Savras died, and that the wards were damaged in the fall. He allows the party to enter the rest of the temple by disabling the wards, and warns them that there are dangers that have been contained by the wards.

the party proceeds through the rest of the temple, it is oddly clean, though most everything they see shows signs of damage… broken plates, damaged tables, doors that don’t sit right. But everything is “tidy”, even if it’s broken.

The encounter a small squad of dead Cyric worshipers who they redeadify and eventually they find their goal.. the light of truth… as well as some more dead Cyric worshipers, who despite being bolstered by some priestly magics the party manages to redeadify as well.

They spend some time working with the odd brass mechanisms of the light, eventually maamging to figure out how to lock it into various arrangements but it doesn’t seem to be “doing” antything. Grace busts up the chair the Cyric guy was on and burns it in the lights brassier, and this does… something but not until Xarath forms the question “Does Savras need to be here for this to work” does it seem to do anything. It answers “No”

They figure out that intent is needed, they must /ask questions/ for it to produce answers. They also discover that it seems to consume materials placed in the brassier in order to power itself, and that it can provide more than Yes/No answers…


Having arrived in Settlestone and checked in with the Rockseekers the group is given some free time to do with as they please while Gundren arranges the meeting with Sage Barrleborn.

Grace and Xarath spend time carousing and looking for info and contacts. They hear tell that Luskan has grown more organized of late, someone is imposing order on the hive of scum and villainy and making trade much safer.

Xarath spends his coins and time and charms and finds an agreeable madam to keep an ear open and provide him with information that she may hear from Luskan. The price is… negotiable, but she seems willing enough.

Amber spends her time drinking and playing various drinking games with the locals.

Late the second evening the party is spending it;s time carousing, just after a fruitful session of… “pulling”… Xarath receives an odd visitor. A young dwarf, dressed in plain cloths awaits outside his door, introducing himself as Flintshield he inquires with Xarath as to why he wants to know about a dead clan (Melairkyn). The dwarf is cagey as to exactly what he wants, but is rather obviously not solely what he appears. His gaze picks out Xarath’s magic items, and his eyes have an… “Age”… to them that doesn’t fit the face. Flintshield also makes it clear he is aware of their interest in Doppelgangers, and their meeting with Barrleborn. He offers a vague deal, backed with little except a promise that he would be able to provide Xaarth with help with his manacle in exchange for not giving Barrleborn what she wants. He says that he is dangerous, but that so is she, but that she will hide being a benign face. In the end he teleport away laving Xarath to consider what he wants to do.

The meeting with Sage Barrleborn doesn’t go quite like she thought… the party is jovial and interrupts her (I as Gm was totally failing to control this scene… :P )… in the end she tells them she wants inks from the Temple of Savras in exchange for helping them to construct their lens of doppelganger detection. These inks were used, and can be still sued, to create copies of books, which she says will be of aid to her in her research. The’s a little obtuse about this, but not in a way that the party can really pin down. In the end they agree to her terms and the Rockseekers agree to fund this expedition.

another day passes as the Rockseekers get the needed equipment together. In this time Amber uses her drinking skills to try and buddy up to folk in the deep halls of Mithril Hall to see what they may know of Battleborn. Which… isn’t a lot. She is from the south, and while she has been in town for years, her attitudes have changes “recently”. How recently? “I don’t know the past half year?” This doesn’t really match up with the doppelganger timeline, but it’s kind of vague so… Shrug!

The party sets out on it’s journey into the mountains, about 8 days pass before they arrive at their destination. during this time the trip is largely uneventful… though as they get closer the night watch does start to see flickers of light in the distance indicating there may be some sort of activity ahead…

Arriving at the temple, they find a structure carved into the side of a mountain pass. Worn by time, there are no outward signs of habitation, no footprints mark the ground, debris liters the area before the door… the door itself is wooden, solid looking tough not terribly impressive. Two circles of copper are inlaid into the ground, about 10 feet to each side of the door. A brass plate is bolted to the center of the door, at first glace it’s carvings are illegible but in a blink suddenly they are understood “Speak the truth of your purpose so that it may be judged” appears in Orc, or Dwarf, or draconic, depending on the viewer it would seem… Grace, being the straight forward paladin states their purpose (in a away I wish I could recall exactly because it was perfect in it’s combination of truthfulness but also in phrasing it extremely positively with no allusions to the fact they are here to loot the temple)… this seems to satisfy the magic of the door and the copper circles erupt with light, and the plate now reads “Enter and seek your fate”… the party enters and find themselves in an old stone room. The room is plain stone, empty aside from dust and the two sets of crystal plate armor that flank the door to the outside. Two other doors lead from the room… at first they seem to be plain wooden doors, of a sort you would find in any structure…

The consolidation e-mails
Info dumps r us

Chapter 1: Phandalin and Wave Echo Cave
The game starts in Mirtul(May) 1498 Dale Reckoning
The party is gathered together via Gundren Rockseeker’s quest to find and reopen the mines located in Wave Echo Cave. While each member of the party has their own reasons for going along here, this is the unifying theme. This chapter ends after the party routes the Redbrands, captures Iarno (i.e. the Glass-staff), and kill the Blackspider. They loose one of the Rockseekers, but two of the cousins survive and decide to press on with their goals of reopening the mines.

Chapter 2: A left turn at Longsaddle
Sometime in Kythorn(June) 1498 Dale Reckoning the Rockseekers head out on a trip to Mithril Hall, the party accompanying them. This chapter is extremely loose in it’;s structure involving a number of semi-related incidents that flesh out a plot in the background involving an Aboleth and it’s Doppelganger servants plot to gain access to ancient dwarven magics.

Here the party helps a lizardfolk tribe rise up agaisnt it’s bullywug and human oppressors, mostly in an effort to get more information on what the Dopplegangers want. They also discover some loose connections to Luskan and the rebuilding Hosttower. This chapter wraps as the party steps through a portal into the mountains near Neverwinter, not all that far from where their journey began…

Chapter 3: A long strange trip
About a ten day into Kythorn (June) the party finds itself in the Crags, the mountain range that is home to Mount Hotenow as well as the roof over the lost ruins of Gauntlgrym.

Here the party recovers items desired by the Abolith to open the way into Gauntlgrym as well as a sword dedicated to the goddess Olyhydra. The items are destroyed in the fires of Mount Doo…err… Hotenow, while the sword is reclaimed and rededicated to Kossuth.

There is a brief detour to deal with some Malarianians. Lani takes her leave to deal with some follow up for the Malarites while the rest of the party continues on to Mithril hall accompanied by their rescued potterfolk. This chapter draws to a close near the end of Kythorn, after the Summer Solstice has passed, and the party manages to make it’s way to Mithril Hall reconnecting with the Rockseekers.

Chapter 4: A refocusing
Picking up as Kythorn (June) gives way to Flamerule (July)
The party is in Mithril hall and has reconnected with the Rockseekers. They are informed of the troubled political climate caused by Bruenor and his quest to reopen Gauntlgrym, and the difficulties of finding miners to return to Phandalin.

They are informed that Gundren has made inquiries into ways to deal with Doppelgangers, and they are to speak to Loremaster Barrelborn in regards to some information she has… our next session will pick up with this meeting.

“The Doppelganger Situation”
In Wave Echo Cave (WEC) the party encounters, and kills, a dopple in the form of one of the Rockseekers. Little insight into it’s purpose there, other than being part of the Black Spider’s group.

On the way to Mithril Hall the party is attacked and discover that another dopple was the leader of the assault. There are some indications that the attack had been aimed at them. The party elects to follow up and track them back to where they came from.

At the swamp castle the party gets involved in a lizardfolk/bullywug battle that is largely secondary to what the party is doing. This fight is used to get into the keep, and then the party engages in some killing. At this point they are introduced to the “Hosttower Connection”. (see below).

Moving through the castle they find a portal and manage to activate it, appearing in a sealed dwarven tomb. After dealing with the tomb guardians and leaving this area they are again assaulted by a dopple led band of creatures. After this fight they capture and interrogate the dopple(Rezmir),

Rezmir is part of a small clan of doppelgangers that servers an aboleth by the name of Pha-zoth. This being is from the far realm (a place beyond this reality), and it’s motives are… hazy, though it is said to “Speak the will of Olyhydra”. But it seems to wants access to places of old magic, places used to forge great weapons. It first sought to gain control of the forge at Wave Echo Cave, but having been thwarted set it’s sites on larger prey… the forges of Gauntlgrym. It seems it wishes to flood the city in order to facilitate its travel to the city. And to do this, it seeks to co-opt the old “funnel” that feeds water elementals into the forge.

This also led to Grace getting her magic sword and the party destroying a key pieced of machinery that was wanted by the Aboleth in order to gain control of the elemental doorways to Gauntlgrym.

Loose threads from this include
-Of the doppelganger clan, 3 remain free. One has been sent to Luskan to gain a place of leadership in Ship Kurth, in order to watch over the Arcane Brotherhood as it rebuilds. The second was sent to Mithril Hall to find information on Gauntlgrym. The last has traveled to Waterdeep in the guise of a merchant, though it’s specific goals are unknown to Rezmir.

-The portal cube that they arty is carrying around which is supposed to take them to the Spine of the World a where there is a lodge there guarded by a person called Talis, along with a few body guards, and used as a staging area for the dopples.

-The Watery Eye is a key to Pha-zoths realm, in Xaroth’s possession

The “Hosttower Connection”
In the swamp castle fight the party encounters a mage who claimed to be from the Hosttower. He indicates that the Hosttower is in the process of rebuilding itself (both figuratively and literally) and that he was there to do some research on the portals in the swamp, as well as the scrying device in the observatory.

His actual connection to the Aboleth isn’t detailed (there is some indication he doesn’t really know anything about that aspect). It’s possible that he knew nothing about this aspect of things. There really isn’t much revealed at this point, beyond the fact the tower is rebuilt, the Arcane Brotherhood has started to flex it’s muscles, and that a mage by the name of Cashaan the Red is currently in charge.


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