1489 Dale Reckoning The Year of the Warrior Princess

Act 1 And thus passed the months of Mirtul(May) and Kythorn(June)…
The taking of Wave Echo Cave and the Spellforge complete, the party settled in for a well deserved rest. The brothers Rockseeker sought to continue their endeavor and turned their eyes to the dwarves of Mithril Hall to provide the dwarf-power needed to get the operation underway. The Lords Alliance, spearheaded by Sildar Hallwinter, backed the Rockseekers’ plan while making their own to ensure the safety of Phandelvar and the new trade route sure to spring up from an operating mine. The rumblings of rumor travel quickly and as far away as Waterdeep folk already consider if their life would be better with a fresh start in the recently tamed foothills.

The rest can’t last long though, as trouble is always on the horizon and the Rockseekers are not the only ones with plans. A warlock eyes the lore contained in Mithril Hall to further his aims; a twice dead paladin of fire looks to bring her god to the moldering remains of Luskan; a fickle dwarven priestess seems along for the journey itself; while nature’s watcher keeps her own council on the matters at hand.

Act 2 The month of Flamerule(July) is nearly upon them, as these travelers set out on the road to Mithril Hall.

The Once & Future Realms

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